Hello world!

I started this blog because I simply have to get my ideas out of my head.  Some say I over analyze.  Well maybe that is why I focused myself on an education in community counseling.  It takes some analytical skill to help people solve their problems.

I think a lot about relationship behavior.  When I took sociology in community college, I remember being amazed and intrigued about learning why people behave the way they do.  There was actually a science that studied and helped to explain human behavior!  That began a focus of my passion to learn more about human behavior and I declared my major in sociology.  Eventually, life experiences, which involve relationships, helped to alter my path and more than a decade later I finally focused on mental health counseling.

So here I am.  With my opinions.  I love to take an idea someone has talked about, or a connection that I make in my thought processes and research the topic.  I envision my blog to become a synthesis of what I find interesting about relationships, behavior and life, and my interpretation of the research already accomplished.  Maybe I will come up with an original idea or two!  No doubt, I will mix in some of my personal experiences.  I hope what I have to say here will help someone else understand themselves better.  I believe we are all more alike than we are different.


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